Processing steps of coffee bean in coffee farming

Now, a little bit of information about the processing steps that the coffee bean come to market
Step 1: Harvest coffee berry
Coffee berry grow directly on the limbs of the trees. The wood is very flexible, and thus it is good practice to bend the high limbs within reach. It is important to remove the berries from the branches without removing the stems, as the stems re-bloom each year.

Step 2: Floating the berries
Before peeling, we would dump all berries into a bucket of water. Floating indicates over-dryness or oxygen penetration (likely by an insect). These beans are still edible, just of lower quality.

Step 3: Peel the berry
The coffee farmer usually use hand-crank coffee peeling machine. Pretty straight forward, dump the berries into the top, turn the crank, peeled beans spill out of one side and the fresh husks fly out the other.

Step 4: allow to ferment
The coffee pulper machine dumps the peeled beans into a concrete pit. There, we let the beans sit for 12-24 hrs. The beans are coated in a thin layer of fruit fiber (like a very thin layer of white plum), and thus ferment in their own sugars. I’m not sure exactly what this does, but I know it’s crucial to the final product!

Step 5: Wash, and wash again – and again .
After fermenting, the sugar and fruit fiber layer is useless and thus must be washed completely away. This takes many washings (usually around 6 times ), and much scrubbing of beans.

Step 6: Dry beans
The old fashioned way: use the sun! Each morning for three or so days we would spread the newly-peeled coffee beans on tarps in the yard and gather them up again at night. The dry time varies, based on weather and density of beans laying out to dry. The important thing is not to over dry them! Ready beans will leave a slight indentation when you bite into them, nothing more, nothing less.

Step 7: Hull & Roast!
 Coffee is produced throughout the region and thus there are a couple regional roasting houses utilized by everyone.One extra step done at the roaster, before roasting: hulling a final thin shell off of the beans (pictured).

Step 8: Bag
Carefully weigh out coffee beans, add labels, seal plastic.those packed coffee bean can be sent to market for selling .

if we use some coffee processing machine in those steps ,it will much helpful to reduce the labor of coffee farmer.for the peanut farmer ,peanut sheller machine will be helpful for them.

Fresh coffee bean peeling machine for coffee cherry processing

Fresh coffee bean peeling machine is fit for processing fresh ripe coffee cherry and it is indispensable, handy for the farm or's capacity from 100 kg ~2000kg of coffee beans per hour.It can peel the coffee beans through rolling or pell part of the skin of coffee beans. It has the features of beautiful shape,easy operation,compact construct design,high working efficiency and favorable price,good peeling efficient.It's a hand operation coffee beans efficient skin-peeling machine.can easily adjustable,ensuring concentnic clearance between pulping roll and breast.
coffee pulper are designed on the original technology. they have high working-efficiency, large output, reliable working function. At the same time,  the finished production has low broken rate.There are special components to adjust space of  the roller,so that the machines will be able to work in the best state.We can use it to peel cherry, coffee, cocoa .
Work principle of coffee pulper machine
The main part of this coffee peeling machine is main axis or rotor axis This main axis attached three metal sheets circle and connection with main axis by using electric arc welding. Then, at the edge of metal sheets circle attached colliding axises  flatly. The function of colliding axis is to collide coffee seed to the rammed partitions with capacity of colliding is: 2 to 3 kg/minute. The main axis was setting on bearing and driving by fuel engine that was connection with pulley and V-belt transmition. When this machine is operated, it can be function well without any abstachles in processing.this machine is a professional coffee processing machine ,victor farm machinery also supply maize sheller machine.

coffee pulper machine in Kenya for coffee beans peeling farm

Coffee pulper machine is designed for the needs of small farmers, who have a need for small hand operated equipment in an environment where there is no Electricity. it will be a great convenience if the farm has one, which cannot be lacking for the bean peeling machine is used for coffee beans or walnuts.Fresh Coffee Pulper machine also can be powerd by motor with the help of drive belt.

The capacity of coffee pulper machine from 50kg/h to 4000kg /hour maybe processed and pulping breast can easily adjustable,ensuring concentnic clearance between pulping roll and breast.
Coffee bean peeling machine  is fitted with a concentric axis, it can peel the coffee beans or walnuts through rolling or peeling part.98% peeling rate & 2% broken rate,The special made screen will peel the skin as much as possible without damage the coffee beans,it can help Kenya coffee farmer to get high quality and low brokage coffee beans.The coffee pulper can be adjustable to adapt to the different sized coffee beans in the different origin and different harvest time.The special structure will automatically separate the coffee beans from skin.