Hose reel farm irrigation system is mainly make up of the chassis, reel, PE pipe

Hose reel farm irrigation system is mainly make up of the chassis, reel, PE pipe, water turbine, gearbox, driving the speed compensation device and water composition. 
The key components of water turbines, gearboxes, PE pipe and structural piece are in good or bad quality of the processing technology directly affects the effectiveness and use of the whole operational life.The mobile sprinkler irrigation system for sale is suitable for farmland, stadiums, golf courses, soccer fields, lawns, meadows, parks, gardens and a variety of crops.High efficient, energy-saving, reliable,simple and impact type water turbine driving device, chain transfer motion,low working pressure,compact,easy to operate,big irrigation area.

Parts of mobile sprinkler irrigation system for sale

1. Impact type water turbine

Assembled on the reel to flow location and the drive shaft is made of stainless steel, the use of mechanical seal, seal shaft seal rotating speed is 100-700 r/min, water yield of 3-20 m3 / h.

2. PE water pipe

PE pipe is a kind of high-tech products, one end of it on the reel, and through the horizontal axis to water supply, it has to do with water spray on the other side of the road.

3. Reducer
A standard cone enveloping cylindrical worm gear and worm gear reducer.

4. Guide
It is about a thread guide rod and can shift the drive, it can ensure that the PE pipe automatic recovery, each layer are volume very neatly.

5. Speed regulating device
It is mainly composed of PE pipe roller, swinging rod, ball valve, make the nozzle ramp consistent speed and depth of precipitation.

6. Safety device
It is a linkage, every time at the termination of the irrigation, sprinkler car can automatically lift to transport location and strike safe touch rod, clutch automatic release in the rotating device, reel stop running.

The farm irrigation system , with multi-functions,can be widely used for farmland irrigation

The farm irrigation system , with multi-functions,can be widely used for farmland irrigation, fruit and vegetable irrigation,grains,herbs,potatoes ,pasture and sugarcane spray,power plant and port dedusting.the farm irrigation system is mainly make up of the chassis, reel, PE pipe, water turbine, gearbox, driving the speed compensation device and water composition.The automated irrigation system characterizes high in efficiency.Featuring in high efficiency,power and water saving, the sprinkler irrigation system can increase yield at economical cost with the spraying uniformity coefficient up to 85%,and take advantages of the uniform application of chemicals and fertilizers.
Four or three wheels are assembled on the center part of the pivot, which makes the system moved by pulling the cables on the pivot point with tractor. This system is called Towable Irrigation System. the farm irrigation system is efficient and economic because they can be used in two or three pieces of land. This towable irrigation system combines the characteristics of flexiable and center pivot irrigation . the farm irrigation system Can irrigate more than one field, after finish one field, you just need to tow it to the next field.

corn shelling machine for sale in Ghana farm use

the corn shelling machine is a kind of multifunctional shelling machine and very suitable for home use..the corn shelling machine can peel the skin and remove the corn kernels from the cob without breaking the corn cob and kernels. the corn shelling machine is high frequency and can be connected with kinds of tractor.Even if there is no tractor,the corn thresher can be connected with kinds of motors .The corn shelling machine is compact, small size ,high efficiency ,high rate of clean and the low breaking rate .Component:Corn sheller machine is mainly made of frame,hopper,roller and discharging mouth.

Features of corn shelling machine

1.the corn shelling Machine can shelling and threshing corn.

2. Won’t break corn comb, corn seeds are very clean.

3. the maize thresher machine  has the blower to remove dust

4. the machine Size is small, easy for moving.

Advantage of corn threshing machine

1.Labor saving.this corn threshing machine can get 500~3000 kg/h ,it can release farmer from heavy manual work and save time.
2.Long service life,our corn shelling machine can be used more than 10 years ,low input and high income,it’s a good choice for the farmer.